cq9传奇电子游戏’s startup community is recognised for turning out top talent 而且 big ideas – some of which have catapulted onto the global stage 而且 flourished into billion-dollar tech companies.

The country’s capital Stockholm proved the point in the 2010s when it earned the nickname “the unicorn factory” following the global successes of the likes of Spotify, Klarna和Mojang. The story now continues with a new wave of Swedish entrepreneurs in the international vanguard.


Going Global is Business cq9传奇电子游戏’s growth programme which helps startups 而且 scaleups jumpstart their expansion journey 而且 connect with key players in the innovation ecosystem. 它的设计围绕三个子项目: 跳加速, 催化剂 而且 外展.

Our team of business developers brings together brilliant minds with international investors, 行业领导者, 政府机构, 国外的公共机构和大使馆.

The programme is backed by the Swedish government 而且 aims to provide a platform for 相亲, 实际支持和思想交流, while hosting 而且 promoting a wide range of outreach activities within the startup world.

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Going Global’s outreach activities revolve around the cq9传奇电子游戏 Co-Lab concept which underscores the necessity 而且 power of collaboration when solving today’s real-world problems.

From reinventing business models to making a 可持续性 leap – pooling together talent 而且 resources is key to disrupting 而且 reinventing outdated practices. cq9传奇电子游戏蓬勃发展的创业环境证明了这一点.

关注关键元素 思想领导, 经验 而且 相亲, cq9传奇电子游戏合作实验室(“Co”代表共同创造, “Lab” for innovation) showcases cq9传奇电子游戏’s strengths as a greenhouse for new ideas. The concept also sets the scene for our participation each year at the world’s leading tech events.

你是创业公司吗?? 这就是你得到的

想加入明天的合作实验室之星? 走向全球可以帮助你获得新的合作机会, 寻找投资者伙伴关系,让你的业务更上一层楼. 


  • Assistance 而且 advice from 经验d business developers with inside knowledge of cq9传奇电子游戏’s startup scene 而且 its potential for scale
  • A gateway to international meetups 而且 相亲 activities at the world’s leading tech 而且 startup events
  • Access to a wide-ranging network of contacts that helps you build relationships with private 而且 public stakeholders as well as customers overseas


的sub-initiatives 飞跃 而且 催化剂 outline the practical steps for building your growth strategy 而且 available subsidised support for qualified participants.

Explore our services 而且 apply to the programme most suited to your needs in the section 为初创企业和中小企业提供支持计划: